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The ASPRS Archive is an electronic-based collection of artifacts that depict the evolution of photogrammetry and the experiences of those who participated in its technological development and application. It thus serves as a central repository of historical assets relevant to geospatial practitioners, students, and historians interested in finding and learning about the profession. The assets include photographs, movie and video images, sound recordings, documents, results of interviews, memoirs, and a host of other historical memorabilia.

Since all the material is transcribed to electronic format it becomes easily accessible and convenient to find. When you click on the “Search” tab, you will be able choose from a number of search categories and view the resulting archive material or download it to your computer for later review.

What makes the archive unique, however, is that is builds [relies] on not only official records and publications but also on the individual contributions of members of the map making profession. The Archive sets out to capture the intimate and heart-warming stories of the pioneers who made the profession the exiting and evolving technology that it is and that brings us personal insight that cannot be captured by most other media.

And that's where you come in. All those photographs, letters, reports, biographies, notes and other paraphernalia that you have accumulated over your career hold precious evidence of what happened on that road to success (or failure) and what it was like to live in the realm of your pioneering days. So please rummage through your closets, attic, basement and other storage places where you keep shoe boxes of old stuff that you did not have the heart to throw away. We want it - at least we would like to have an electronic version of it. When you click on the “Upload” tab you’ll find just how easy it is to do. ASPRS Logo

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