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Help Us Save Your (& Our) History

Much of the history of photogrammetry remains untold. That seems hard to believe, considering the array historical information that we find in literature today. But while major milestones have been properly noted and landmarks have been well posted, the roads along the way to those markers still hold a lot of important but untold stories.

And that's where you come in. All those photographs, letters, reports, biographies, notes and other paraphernalia that you have accumulated over your career hold precious evidence of what happened on that road to success (or failure) and what it was like to live in the realm of your pioneering days.

So please rummage through your closets, attic, basement and other storage places where you keep shoe boxes of old stuff that you did not have the heart to throw away. We want it · at least we would like to have an electronic version of it.

Through this website, you can catalog the material you provide us and file it in our ASPRS Archive. The Archive will serve as a central repository of historical assets relevant to geospatial practitioners, students, and historians interested in finding and learning about the profession's past. While we are still in the development stage, we have already begun to display some of our recent collections, including films of recent interviews we had conducted. You can see them by click on the "Browse" tab. [We may also want to include sample pictures and documents]. You will also be able to search for a particular item that interest you by clicking the "Search" tab. It works similarly to a library online catalog but in addition, it also lets you view all of the available material directly online.

Since our procedure is to accept pictures and documents electronically, you will have to convert your hardcopy historical records to a digital format. Electronic scanners have become quite inexpensive these days but if you don't own one, you will find that many drugstores and Xmarts that print pictures also provide a scanner for you to use. But if you have any difficulty in providing us your material, please drop us an email at archivehelp@asprs.org. We accept images in both pdf and jpg format. Resolution should be at least 300 dpi.

At this time we do not have the resources to accept physical items such as old instruments and other hardware that you might wish to contribute. But please let us know about the items you have so that if there opportunity arises where we can find storage and display location we will be able to get in touch with you. (Mabe we could use the website to create an index to physical assets.)

We also ask you to encourage any one you know who might have some interesting stories to tell or who owns interesting pictures, notes, equipment or other memorabilia, to get in touch with us through this website, or by e-mail archive@asprs.org. Or tell us where you think still-hidden historical treasures might be found.